Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Over 90% of "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" Starts in the Neck!
If you've had a past neck injury and you also experience burning, tightness, soreness and/or fatigue in your forearms and wrist - you could have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)!
It's not uncommon for a sensation of numbness and tingling to awaken you at night. You may notice a loss of grip strength, drop things more frequently or have trouble writing.
Left untreated, it can lead to lasting nerve damage!
However, CTS is highly treatable with Chiropractic care - especially when diagnosed early!!
The "Neck -Wrist Connection" Made Simple...
The carpal tunnel is a narrow space inside the wrist that allows the flexor tendons and the median nerve to run from the wrist into the hands.
CTS is an entrapment and compression of the median nerve at the wrist, often due to spinal misalignment and repetitive use! We're not robots - eventually something will give!!
The median nerve entrapment can occur along your cervical spine, through your shoulder joint, elbow and may end with symptoms in your wrist, hands and fingers.
According to a study in the Journal of Hand Surgery, a review of thousands of medically confirmed CTS cases has shown that over 90% of patients examined also had a problem with he cervical nerves supplying the median nerve of the wrist.
An irritation of the nerves in the neck leaves the lower portion of the nerves in the wrist susceptible to irritation as well. Spinal adjustments help reduce tissue swelling and relieve pressure on cervical nerves that may be causing your wrist pain!
Wrist Movement Restored Naturally!
Is it any wonder that so many CTS patients do not respond well to wrist surgery! To fully resolve your wrist issues, we'd be missing that boat if we didn't address problems in your neck, FIRST.
Instead of "cutting away" the symptoms, Chiropractic is an effective non-invasive approach to correcting the problem naturally - at the source!
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